How to Make a Logo in Picsart

In today’s digital age, having a professional logo is essential for any business or brand. A well-designed logo not only helps to establish your brand identity but also sets you apart from the competition. If you’re looking to create a stunning logo, you’ve come to the right place. 

Now make a logo, We will see the process of making a professional logo using PicsArt, a popular photo editing and graphic design app.

Why a Professional Logo Matters

Before we dive into the details, let’s first understand why a professional logo is so important. Your logo serves as the visual representation of your brand and is often the first thing that people notice about your business. A good logo not only conveys what your brand does but also evokes a certain feeling or emotion.

Think about iconic logos like the golden arches of McDonald’s or the swoosh of Nike – these symbols have become synonymous with their respective brands. By creating a strong and memorable logo, you can establish a strong brand presence and increase brand recognition.

Getting Started: The Drawing Board

In creating your logo design, the first step is to brainstorm and come up with a concept using the PicsArt logo creator tool. When you create your logo design in PicsArt, ensure that it effectively communicates what your brand does, even if it’s done subtly. Think of your logo as a visual elevator pitch – within seconds, someone should be able to understand what your brand represents. For example, if you run a coffee shop, consider incorporating a graphic of a steaming latte in your logo.

Additionally, think about how your logo can stand out from the competition. While using recognizable elements related to your industry is important, it’s equally crucial to make your logo unique to your brand. Add your company name and incorporate your brand colors using PicsArt editing tools to make it truly yours.

Gaining Trust: The Commandments of Logo Design

To ensure that your logo stands out and represents your brand effectively, it’s important to adhere to the four commandments of logo design when you create your logo design. These commandments are guidelines that will help you create a logo that is unique, scalable, simple, and works well in monochrome. By following these principles, you’ll ensure that your logo is versatile and can be used in various formats, from large-scale print materials to small digital icons.

Exploring Different Types of Logos

Logo design is a diverse field, and there are different types of logos to consider. Understanding these types can help you determine which style best suits your brand. Here are some common logo categories:

  • Letter-based logos: These logos focus on the brand’s initials or name. Examples include the iconic Facebook “F” and the PicsArt “P.” You can use your full brand name or a single letter as the logo design.
  • Symbols: Symbol-based logos use shapes or icons to represent the brand. Think of the Nike Swoosh, which symbolizes speed and movement. Car brands, tech apps, and airlines often use symbol-based logos that are made in PicsArt or other tools like AI logo maker.
  • Character logos: Character logos feature a person or character that embodies the brand. Food brands, for instance, may incorporate the founder’s face in the design. Character logos add a human touch and make the brand more relatable.
  • Emblem logos: Emblem logos are highly detailed and often resemble modern-day coats of arms. Logos created using AI logo maker are intricate and recognizable. Examples include the UNICEF and Starbucks logos.

Make a Logo – Building Your Logo Design Toolbox

To create a professional logo, you’ll need the right tools. Here are some essential elements to consider:


Colors play a vital role in logo design, as they evoke specific emotions and associations. Research color psychology and select hues that align with your brand’s personality and values. For example, yellow can energize, while blue can convey a sense of calmness. Choose colors that resonate with your brand and evoke the desired emotional response.


Font selection is another crucial aspect of logo design. Fonts can convey different emotions and styles. Serif fonts, such as Times New Roman, are traditional and evoke a sense of history and elegance. On the other hand, sans-serif fonts, like Arial, are modern and clean. Choose a font that reflects your brand’s personality and aligns with your overall design aesthetic.


Shapes have the power to communicate messages and ideas. Consider using shapes in your logo design to convey specific meanings. For example, the Nike Swoosh represents movement and speed. Shapes can be metaphorical or literal, depending on your brand’s story. Explore different shapes and their connotations using the PicsArt logo creator to find the one that best aligns with your brand identity.

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Creating Your Custom Logo Design in PicsArt

Now that you have a clear understanding of the importance of a professional logo and the elements involved, it’s time to put your knowledge into action. PicsArt is a powerful tool that allows you to create stunning logos with ease. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making a custom logo using PicsArt:

  • Choose the right canvas: Select a canvas shape that suits your logo’s intended use. Consider different platforms and resize your canvas accordingly. For example, a square canvas may work well for app logos or social media platforms like Instagram, while a rectangle may be better for marketing emails or Facebook headers.
  • Decide on your background: Fill your background with a color, gradient, or texture. If you want a different shape for your background, make the canvas transparent and export it as a PNG file for a clean, transparent background.
  • Add elements: Incorporate shapes, text, and stickers to bring your logo to life. PicsArt offers a vast library of stickers and ready-made graphics that you can use. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect elements for your logo.
  • Customize shapes: If you prefer to create your shapes, PicsArt provides tools for that too. Use the Shapes tool to create geometric or asymmetrical graphics. Adjust the colors and size to match your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Add text using PicsArt editing tools: Include your company name, slogan, or a single letter to your logo. PicsArt offers a library of fonts to choose from. Select a font that aligns with your brand’s personality and adjust the size and position of the text.
  • Download and export: Once you’re satisfied with your logo, download it by clicking the Export button. Choose the appropriate file format, such as PNG for transparent backgrounds or JPG for versatile use.
  • Examples: Here are three different logo designs created using PicsArt. These examples showcase the endless possibilities and creativity you can achieve with the app.

Remember, the key to creating a professional logo is to experiment, iterate, and refine your design until it accurately represents your brand and resonates with your target audience.

How to design brand logo in picsart || Logo making tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

PicsArt is a popular photo editing and graphic design app. To make a logo, follow these steps: choose the right canvas, decide on the background, add elements like shapes and text, customize shapes if needed, and finally, download and export your design.

A professional logo establishes brand identity and sets you apart from competitors. It’s the visual representation of your brand, conveying what you do and evoking emotions, contributing to increased brand recognition.

Begin with brainstorming your concept, consider the four commandments of logo design (unique, scalable, simple, works well in monochrome), explore different logo types, and build your logo design toolbox with colors, fonts, and shapes.

Select a canvas shape that suits your logo’s use (square for apps, rectangles for marketing). Using the editing tools, resize accordingly and consider different platforms to ensure optimal presentation of your PicsArt logo.

Incorporate shapes, text, and stickers from PicsArt’s library. Experiment with combinations, customize shapes using the Shapes tool and choose a font that aligns with your brand’s personality.

Once satisfied with your design, click the Export button. Choose the appropriate file format (PNG for transparent backgrounds or JPG for versatile use) to download your logo.

Yes, PicsArt provides tools to create your shapes. Use the Shapes tool to design geometric or asymmetrical graphics, adjusting colors and sizes to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Experimenting helps you find the perfect elements for your logo, and iterating allows you to refine your design until it accurately represents your brand and resonates with your target audience.

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